Friend of woman at center of alleged police brutality case says she's 'a fighter' but easy to calm

Posted at 7:03 PM, Aug 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-02 19:04:07-04

"She's a beautiful person," said Robert Dixon-Hollis about his 29-year-old friend who was repeatedly punched by a Detroit Police officer at Detroit Receiving Hospital Wednesday evening. 

But Hollis also admits that his friend has some issues. He tells 7 Action News that the woman has problems when she doesn't take her medication. 

A worker at a nearby church where they pass out food to anyone in need says the woman can be a nuisance and that they've had to call police on several occasions. 

Wednesday evening, police said they encountered the woman walking naked and picked her up because she appeared to be having a mental health crisis.

They transported her to the hospital but that is where someone took video of an officer repeatedly punching the woman as she fought officers. 

"She's a fighter," said Hollis about his friend.

Hollis said the woman will put up a fight if anyone puts their hands on her. 

"She's a fighter," Hollis repeated. "Muhammad Ali, for real. She will beat you up."

Hollis said the woman is also easy to calm down if you just give her a bag of chips and some juice.