Gov. Snyder signs bill to allow former felons to work at Dept. of Corrections

(WXYZ) - A framework to allow individuals with a prior felony conviction to pursue employment at the Michigan Department of Corrections will be created under legislation signed by Gov. Rick Snyder.

"Reforming our criminal justice system to better prepare those with a previous felon conviction for the workforce is important to help ensure their successful reentry into society," Snyder said.

"This bill calls for the creation of a framework to connect these individuals with employment and skills that will help them become contributing members of Michigan's workforce and economy." 

House Bill 4065, sponsored by state Rep. Dave Pagel, directs the Michigan Department of Corrections to develop a policy to outline investigative procedures that must be implemented before hiring an individual with a felony record.

These procedures ensure that offering employment does not impact public safety or the operation of MDOC. 

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