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Cody would like to play in the woods and go to bounce houses with his future family

Posted at 7:20 AM, Mar 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 11:57:09-04

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (WXYZ) — Whether it’s visiting the zoo, hiking in the woods, playing ball, or riding bikes, Cody is looking forward to doing fun activities with his future adoptive mom and dad.

The 13-year-old who is currently in foster care in Michigan is an active kid who likes sports.

“I like to play football, basketball, and baseball,” said Cody. “I’m going to play football this summer. I’ll probably play in college.”

“I like to play in the woods, and I like animals. I like to look for animals, insects, and other creatures. I would like to change the fact that animals are going extinct,” Cody explained.

The tiger is his favorite animal. He’d like to pet one someday.

So it’s probably no surprise that he wants to become a zoologist down the road.

When it comes to school, he is into STEM classes.

“I’m really good at math and science, and I have fun with it,” he said. Learning about planets is one of his favorite lessons.

More than anything, he looks forward to being adopted out of the foster care system into a loving family.

“My perfect family would look like a Mom, and a big brother and a little sister. Go play in the woods and go hunting and have fun and go to bounce houses,” he said.

His worker said Cody would do well in a future forever family with a mother and father or two female parents who are experienced and can provide the supervision and the one-on-one attention he needs.

“I’m smart, and I like to have fun out in the community, and I like to do stuff to make people laugh,” said Cody.

If you’d like to learn more about adopting Cody, click here.

If you’d like to talk with someone about adopting Cody, please call the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange at (800)589-6273.

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Grant Me Hope is a marketing initiative to find older foster children adoptive homes before they age out of the foster care system. The non-profit is a collaboration of businesses, MARE (Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange), Michigan Department of Human Services, and Fusion Graphic Consultants. WXYZ is a proud media partner in this initiative.