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Detroiters are talking about experiencing Wednesday's earthquake

Posted at 3:23 PM, Jun 23, 2010
and last updated 2015-05-02 15:42:15-04

People from all across the Detroit area are talking about today's earthquake.

Here are some of the things people are telling us here at and WXYZ-TV:

Marna Flanary: I was on my laptop and thought I was getting a UPS delivery, but I wasn't expecting one! I got up to see if there was a truck outside, but I didn't see one. I can usually feel when they pull up. Another notch in Mother Nature's belt for keeping us on our toes! WOW!

Mary Dye of Highland: I felt the earthquake while driving on Duck Lake Road in Highland . It went from left to right across my Van while I was driving~ It Really did feel like a wave underneath me, I thought it was a new bump in the road or strong wind push.. but the leaves were very still on the trees.

Ruth Dennis: I work for the U.S. Army in a 4 story building in Warren Michigan, and felt the earthquake. I was sitting at my desk, and thought I was having a dizzy spell, because my chair felt like a rocking chair. Was glad to find out others had felt the same thing within my office area. My heart goes out to everyone who felt it, or any folks that may have been injured in Ontario Canada from the 5.5 earthquake.

David Woomer: We were in a meeting on the second floor of the iTek building in Dearborn. I could feel my chair bobbing up and down and I looked across the table and it looked like my boss was doing the wave! People from all around us felt it as well and there were several moments of "what in the heck was that?!" from many of us. Wild times at Ford Motor Company!

You can tell us your experience by leaving a comment below.