EXCLUSIVE: Man threatened to blow up Oakland County Courthouse and later kill judge

Posted at 5:55 PM, Sep 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-29 10:36:42-04

An Oakland County man has been arrested on terrorism charges, after making threats to blow up the Oakland County courthouse and assassinate circuit court judge Lisa Gorcyca, the 7 Action News Investigators learned exclusively.

Gorcyca is overseeing a custody battle involving the man.

Sources tell the 7 Investigators Anthony Jeffrey Brodie was apprehended by a special task force at his workplace in Ann Arbor earlier today.

According to documents obtained by 7 Action News, the 24-year-old was communicating with a friend online about his case, becoming increasingly upset.

Brodie allegedly told the friend, he would blow up the 6th Circuit Court on Telegraph Road in Pontiac, and would also kill Judge Gorcyca if he was not awarded custody of his son.

The 7 Investigators have confirmed Brodie was recently divorced and the custody of young children is still before the court. He was most recently before the judge on September 14th.

A day later, the friend went to police fearing for her safety and others. She told officers, the brief friendship had soured, and Brodie threatened her, should she reveal his plans.

The friend also told investigators, Brodie had guns in his house, and bragged of researching the Oklahoma City Bombing and sympathized with bomber Timothy McVeigh.

The 7 Investigators have also uncovered Brodie is ex-military.

Sources tell 7 Action News, security was stepped up around Judge Gorcyca and her family, as investigators probed the threats and moved in today.

Judge Gorcyca made headlines earlier this year after the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission made an opinion she committed judicial misconduct in a different child custody dispute. That case is being contested by the judge.