State takes action against Franklin group home

Posted at 6:29 PM, Mar 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-01 21:10:43-05

The state is taking action against an Oakland County group home we first showed you last month.

Patients inside were in danger during a fire because exits were blocked to keep them from walking away.

In the fire back on February 5th, 6 patients and 2 staffers - the state minimum required - were inside.

Local police and fire are very familiar with the Franklin home, 134 calls in 3 years, for assaults, walk-aways and other trouble with the mental patients.

The police chief says that’s way off the charts in his small village.

What fire fighters found on February 5th was most disturbing, 3 exits blocked.

The state put the owner of the Franklin home on notice - 15 days for corrective action and their findings echoed what we first showed you.

The state wrote:  due to the serious nature of these violations involving fire safety, a six-month provisional license was recommended.

The owner, Janey Patterson, stated she was not willing to accept a provisional license. She told the state she’s lawyered up and wants a hearing.

Her attorney told us today, they haven’t gotten the state report.