Metro Detroit entrepreneur to jump into 'Shark Tank' this Sunday

(WXYZ) - Getting your products in front of the sharks of ABC's Shark Tank is a dream come for entrepreneurs, like Michelle Winowich.

She's the creator of the G.O.A.T. Pet Speaker.

G.O.A.T. stands for 'Greatest of All Time.'

Winowich came up with the idea after realizing that pet owners pretend to talk for their furry friends, giving them their own voice, like her family does for their dog Zeus.

"Usually has a silly look on his face and my husband would give him a voice and it could go anywhere from 'Scoot over, I want to sit there,' to 'He wants a shot of tequila!' Anything."

She created an app to use with a pet shaped speaker that attaches to a collar and connects to your phone through Bluetooth.

You can use it as a novelty toy.

"Either record your own voice or you can type in what you want your pet to say and you can select different languages and accents and have lots of fun with it."

It could also be used a training tool.

"You can also use it more practically for training commands if you hear your dog getting in the garbage or be on the couch when they are not supposed to," Winowich said.

You can find the speaker at Petsmart stores, but Winowich wants to expand; that's why she's on Shark Tank this Sunday.

Michelle can't tell us too many details about the episode, but says she was nervous, especially because she dressed as Snow White during her pitch.

"Even in fairytales, princesses are always talking to animals, but they never have the ability to talk back, until now."

The pet speaker sells for $20 bucks and you can use it to play your tunes.

"You will be blown away with the sound quality," she said. "You can sit it on your desk and stream music at work."

She also sells G.O.A.T. dog treats. A portion of the sales goes to the Eisenhower Center that provides jobs for people with disabilities.

Watch Michelle on Shark Tank this Sunday.

For more information on her products, go to:

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