Michigan company supports and encourages closed head injury survivors at work

Posted at 11:19 PM, Jun 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-14 08:35:32-04

Buying Michigan-made products gives us a sense of pride and supports the local economy.

In Wayne, Michigan, a company helping closed head injury survivors is creating unique Michigan merchandise that consumers would be proud to own.

After a catastrophic accident, the recovery is a lengthy process and returning to your previous job may not be possible.

“Our company is helping closed head injury patients learn new skills so they can transition back into the community,” said Director of InPro Enterprises Rene Dell.  

“I’m not sure what I would do with myself if I didn’t have this job to come too,” said Bill Larabell, an employee with InPro Enterprises.

Larabell was riding his bike when he crashed into a car. He suffered serious injuries that required intense therapy. Six years ago, during a rehab appointment, his therapist told him about a job at InPro Enterprises.

“The majority of individuals working here within our program are coming from either auto accidents or work site injuries,” Dell said.

InPro’s parent company, Special Tree, provides brain and spinal cord rehabilitation. InPro employs catastrophic injury survivors and has about 20 employees in the warehouse during the day.  

“We do the Michigan chair sets, we make K-cup holders shaped like the state of Michigan, cutting boards, bird houses,” Dell said.

“The fact that it is in the form of Michigan gives me some pride,” Larabell added.

Whether they are making tangible goods or doing light industrial, returning to work provides so much meaning.

“I get a paycheck, need I say more,” employee Adam Williams said with a chuckle.

“They’re building their resume, getting that experience, building their soft skills so that they can get back out into community work,” Dell said.  

The sales of all these great products go back into the program and guarantees a fair wage for their workers. InPro also buys more supplies, tools and equipment.

“Feels good," Larabell added. "Feels like, ah, being worth something, I got a purpose."

You can find these Michigan made products by searching InPro Enterprises on Etsy, or calling the company directly to place a custom order.