Michigan school wins national innovation award, secures $20K grant

Posted at 12:18 PM, May 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-04 12:49:29-04

A Novi school has secured a $20,000 grant for their proposal in a national innovation competition. 

The LRNG Innovators Challenge Award calls on schools to create unique learning experiences that "help young people spark their interests and ignite passions."  

FlexTech High School was one of 10 schools nationwide, and the first ever in Michigan, to take home a LRNG Innovators Challenge Award for its "Project Make It Happen" proposal, according to a news release from the school. 

The school says it will use the $20,000 grant to bring together students and the community involved with a nearby tech workshop over the next 15 months. The proposal aims to widen the reach of the school and expose students to more art and design opportunities. 

“We’re so honored to receive this award. As a project-based, and maker-based school, our students are passionate about art, design, and engineering. We’ve dreamed about a partnership with The Village Workshop that would allow our students access to all the tools and technologies their studio offers. This grant will help us make that partnership a reality. I’m especially excited for students to learn how a passion for art and design can lead to exciting college and career opportunities,” shared FlexTech’s principal, Sarah Pazur, in a press release.