Michigan's Paid Medical Leave Act to take effect March 29

Posted at 10:43 AM, Mar 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-26 10:49:27-04

(WXYZ) — The Paid Medical Leave Act will take effect March 29, which will require employers in the state to provide paid sick leave to their employees.

It applies to employers with 50 or more individuals, regardless of full or part-time status.

Eligible employees have the opportunity to accrue paid medical leave at the rate of at least one hour of leave for every 35 hours worked, for up to 40 hours per benefit year.

However, there are several exemptions under the act, most notably individuals under 18 years of age, employees who worked less than 25 hours per week on average in the preceding calendar year, and most overtime exempt employees.

For a full list of employee exemptions, click here.