Mom issues warning to parents about a toy

Posted at 6:02 PM, Jan 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-11 18:02:51-05

A posting which starts out with the words, “Parents read!!!!! I wish I knew this last week!!" has gotten a lot of attention from parents of small children.

The writer, Christina Kas says she wanted to send a warning to others.

Her 4-year-old son got a strange toy for Christmas that is called Spider Balls. The toy consists of small bag of little rocks.

“We didn’t really know what they were,” said Christina. “They were little. We planned on getting rid of them because we were a little nervous.”

After hours of sitting in water, the little balls turn into a clump of several balls.

On Wednesday, Christina’s 2-year-old son Decklyn got ahold of one of the balls, which look a lot like the candy Nerds and put it in his mouth.

“Before I could get one out, he swallowed it,” said Christina. “As I learned more about it, they said I need to bring him into the emergency room.”

Decklyn spent 19 hours in the hospital, hooked to an IV as doctors were worried the toy would cause a bowel obstruction.

Christina told 7 Action News doctors could not figure out what kind of effect the toy would have on the toddler and it didn’t show up on X-rays.

The only thing the mom of three can do now is hope Decklyn can let the toy pass. 7 Action News contacted the manufacturer, Dunecraft. They had no comment.

Christina just wants to warn other parents about the toy, which she says also tastes sweet.

“If a 5-year-old is playing with them and one ity-bity tiny one drops on the floor and a crawler who puts everything in their mouth, the mom wouldn’t know,” said Christina. “They would just start to see these symptoms, take their kid to the hospital. They can’t see it in X-rays or anything. So that’s super scary. They can’t figure out what’s going on if they don’t know.”