Mom Proms: Ladies night out to raise money for charity

Canton Mom Prom is on Saturday, April 13th
Posted at 12:07 PM, Apr 07, 2019
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(WXYZ) — Mom Prom – it's a ladies night out that's all about having fun and raising money for charity. Betsy Crapps started Mom Prom in Canton in 2006.

"We wear our old prom dresses, our bridesmaid dresses, wedding gowns... or whatever old dress in the closet and we dance all night," Crapps said. "It's for a worthy cause and it is for all women, not just moms."

The next Canton Mom Prom is on Saturday, April 13 at Fellows Creek. Crapps' event chooses a different charity every year.

"We've raised money for St. Vincent de Paul," she said. "This year, it's the Children's Leukemia Foundation of Michigan. We're already set up for next year to raise money for the March of Dimes."

There are now hundreds of Mom Proms across the country, including almost a dozen in Michigan.

Carrie Hastings is starting a Mom Prom in Brighton on May 18 to raise money for her Livingston County nonprofit, Prelude Home.

It's all about helping divorced and displaced women, which is something close to her heart.

"After 28 years, my world fell apart," Hastings said. "I was divorced and didn't have anywhere to stay. This is going to be a step up facility. It will be a home to house 6 women. There will be classes, resume help and help with career choices."

Crapps says she hopes even more women will be a part of this special community.

"Ladies, we need a great night out with our girlfriends every so often, but I always feel like it's so much better when there's purpose attached to it," Crapps said.

The Brighton Mom Prom is at Mt. Brighton.

Tickets for the Canton Mom Prom and the Brighton Mom Prom are $40 each.

To buy tickets and learn more about Mom Prom, go to: