Monica Conyers says she'll make a comment when accusers are revealed

Posted at 11:19 AM, Nov 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-29 12:42:30-05

Monica Conyers scolded reporters outside of her Detroit home this morning when asked about sexual harassment allegations against her husband, Michigan Rep. John Conyers. 


She said it was inappropriate for reporters to be waiting outside of her house. 

"Do you all go and stalk other people’s houses, do you go and stalk white people’s houses, or just come to the black neighborhood and stalk our houses?," Monica said. 

Conyers said she will make a comment when "you all disclose to me who's made these allegations." 

His son, John Conyers III, spoke with Action News outside the family’s Palmer Park home saying, "It's very unfortunate to see him fight for so long for so many people and to automatically have the allegations assumed true. And of course with sexual assault women are to be believed, but in this instance he has no history of this."

The House Ethics Committee is investigating allegations against John Conyers, who has denied the accusations and refused to resign. He announced Sunday that he would step aside as the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee.

Two former staffers have gone public with allegations including Deanna Maher and Melanie Sloan.