Detroit's Most Wanted: Aaron Jones is a career drug dealer believed to be selling again

Posted at 11:04 AM, Jul 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-14 23:24:21-04

A career drug dealer, busted by the DEA, takes off and is believed still to be pushing drugs through metro Detroit.

Aaron Jones has a lot of resources, but police say he’ s also responsible for a lot of damage - which is why he’s priority number one for the U.S. Marshals.

“He comes to the top of the most wanted list because of the fact he’s destroyed so many lives,” Deputy U.S. Marshal Rob Watson said.

Watson says it was the DEA who first began investigating Aaron Jones and the drugs he was bringing into Metro Detroit.

“So he was doing everything from the very hard narcotics, heroin down to marijuana down to prescription pills,” Watson said.

But Watson says Jones took off as soon as he was indicted.

“He has family stemming all the way from Michigan down to Florida and we believe that his family members are assisting him to evade capture,” Watson said.

Watson says it’s large quantities of hard drugs he’s convinced Jones is still supplying.

“He’s not your typical street corner hustler, he is the guy that’s moving a lot of amounts which drew the attention of the DEA,” Watson said.

Aaron Jones is from Detroit’s west side, though he’s believed to have trafficked drugs throughout metro Detroit.

“He’s masterfully been able to manipulate the system, been able to utilize these different people to push these drugs in surrounding communities,” Watson said.

And the Marshals are not backing down until he’s behind bars.

“Detroit is coming back, people are working hard, the city is expanding, people are coming back, jobs are being created but you still have people like this plaguing the city, dragging the city down and keeping it with problems,” Watson said.  “We’re not gonna stop looking for these people one by one and we’re gonna get them off the street so that Detroit can come back to greatness.”

Aaron Jones is 5’11” tall 190 pounds and there is a cash reward for information leading to his arrest.

You can call the Marshals anytime and remain anonymous by calling (313) 234-5656.