Detroit's Most Wanted Captured: Masai Brown accused of stalking, stabbing ex's new boyfriend

Posted at 4:09 PM, Oct 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-25 16:09:09-04

A jealous ex-boyfriend who was wanted after stalking and stabbing his victim has been captured after being named one of our Detroit's Most Wanted.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Aaron Garcia says Masai Brown is a career criminal.  But Garcia points out this attack was personal as Brown hunted down and attacked his ex-girlfriends new boyfriend.

“Basically what he’s saying is if you’re not gonna stay with me you’re not gonna stay with anyone,” Garcia said.

The brutal attack happened on Detroit’s West Side in October 2014.

“That’s when he goes and stabs the boyfriend, the new boyfriend he attacks him and says you’re gonna die tonight – grabs him and viciously stabs him,” Garcia said.

Garcia says Brown is wanted for that attack and much more.

“This guys a violent guy, huge criminal history- several narcotics, he’s a fourth habitual offender,” he said.

At six-feet-tall 200 pounds, the 42-year-old was at the top of the Marshals most wanted list, wanted by Detroit Police.

“Drug dealing conviction and arrests, several assaults, violent assaults, this guy has a huge criminal history,” Garcia said.

The victim is the new boyfriend of Brown’s child’s mother.  They’ve lived in fear while Brown was on the run.

“The citizens, the viewers are tired of these guys going out –they’re committing these crimes and going on the run,” Garcia said.

The Marshals offered a cash reward for information on where Brown may be.