Naked, bloody man arrested for allegedly breaking into Troy apartment, trying to start fire

Police on scene of barricaded gunman in Troy
Posted at 7:53 AM, Jul 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-28 07:53:57-04

(WXYZ) — Troy police say they arrested a naked, bloody man accused of breaking into an apartment and setting a fire over the weekend.

According to police, they were called on a report of a fire alarm in the 1900 block of Somerset around 8 a.m. Saturday.

When they arrived, they found a bloody scene on an apartment deck, including a large, bloody kitchen knife, an open door and a screen ripped off.

Officers followed the blood trail to an open apartment, where they say they were met by a screaming, naked man covered in blood.

Police say officers told him to leave the apartment, but he slammed and locked the door. That's when officers forced the door open and tried to handcuff the man. The man resisted, police said, and was tasered.

Police say he got back up, charged at officers and tried to escape, but was tasered again and taken into custody.

According to police, the man was sedated and taken by paramedics to Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital.

Police say the investigation found the nude man had also been walking around the apartment complex with an AR-15 earlier.

According to police, they believe the suspect broke into the apartment and tried to set a fire by putting flammable items on a stove burner. Officers also later recovered a bloody rifle in the apartment. The resident was not home, and police say it appears to be a random act.

The suspect, 31-year-old Alexander James Raymond from Troy, was charged with 3rd degree home invasion, 5th degree arson and three counts of resisting and obstructing a police officer.