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Snowstorm in N.Y. leads to deaths, heavy damage

Posted at 9:45 AM, Nov 21, 2014

By Friday afternoon, officials knew of at least 13 people who died during the snowstorm that has plagued Western New York this week.

Several feet of snow has fallen in the Buffalo area, and rain is expected to follow this weekend.

Two elderly residents of a nursing home in a town near Buffalo died while being evacuated due to snow burdening the facility, but officials said one of them died prior to the transport, according to WKBW in Buffalo.

The home was evacuated after building inspectors discovered doors that wouldn't close, indentations in the ceiling from the snow, cracks in the walls and twisted beams. They feared a collapse, and several fire trucks and heavy rescue apparatus were called in to transport the residents to Appletree Business Park.

At least three people who died had heart attacks, two of which happened while shoveling snow.

Area officials were asking everyone to check on their neighbors. Residence were reminded to keep furnace vents clear of snow to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Cleanup efforts continue today in Erie County, which remains under a State of Emergency with several communities still under a travel ban.

The National Weather Service says a year's worth of snow has fallen in the region in just a few days.

Other details:

— At least 30 roofs had collapsed due to the snow's weight by Friday morning

— There were at least 90 partial roof collapses in the same time period

— Hundreds of buildings have roofs that have been deemed "unstable"

— Snow weight is expected to be more problematic in the days ahead as rain falls and snow melts