3 easy ways to save $100 fast

Posted at 5:13 PM, May 25, 2017

Unexpected bills; no one likes them, but we’ve all gotten them. Just this week a new report was released that found nearly half of Americans would have a hard time paying for an unexpected $100 dollar bill. Here are a few ways to save and never be strapped for cash.

First, try not to eat out at lunch every day at work. We’re not telling you to go cold turkey, but on average those who lunch out spend about $53.00 a week. Instead of brown bagging it all together, try only 3 meals out of the office instead of 5. By simply cutting back you saved $20 bucks in a week and $80 bucks in a month.

Next, cutback on the vending machine purchases. Our money slips away slowly but surely from our wallet when the afternoon slump kicks in and we turn to the vending machine for a pick-me-up. Try cutting the number of times you rely on the vending machine in half and you’ll be surprised to learn that in just two months you could save around $50 dollars.

Last place to save some extra cash is online. It’s no secret that retailers track us online. That’s how they know to dangle those $150 dollar shoes we love on every site we visit. Reduce the temptation by limiting the number of ads you see. Go to and select ‘opt out.’

Who knows, you could end up saving $100 dollars by the end of next month.