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Bullied to Death: Wisconsin parents demand change after son's suicide

Posted at 11:20 PM, Nov 15, 2017

Parents of a Wisconsin teen demand change after their son took his own life. 

Quinten Espinoza and his family just moved to Glendale, Wisconsin from Ohio four months ago. 

He was an 8th grader at Glen Hills Middle School. The parents said they knew he was dealing with some bullying but never thought it would go as far as it did.

"He always said, I told the teachers, it's not a big deal. I'll go up. No, I'm okay, I got it taken care of,” said Espinoza’s mother Lara Furko. “Never showed any other signs of anything. So I never thought to pursue it any further. And now I'm at where I'm at today.”

Furko saved some of the messages he received. About three weeks ago a female classmate wrote, “I hate you so much, I hope you die.” 

Espinoza responded, “I’m a human being just like you and if I do you will feel guilty. #StopBullying.”

On Wednesday the principal of Glen Hills invited parents to a meeting to share concerns about Espinoza’s death. 

Espinoza’s family is questioning the school's response to his death. 

School leaders said it’s an ongoing investigation by police and the school district, and that there were no reports of bullying.