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Maryland couple carjacked, allowed to rescue infant

Posted at 6:59 PM, Nov 13, 2017

Daniel Phillips and Ashley Proctor pulled up to their building in their apartment complex last night.

They had just gone grocery shopping but as a new mother, Ashley stepped out of the car in the dark parking lot, she was met with a gun right to her face.

Ashley grabbed her three-month-old son as on the other side of the car. 

"I was begging to grab him," she said. "He let me. He just let me grab him and said hurry up."

Her fiancé Daniel was met by another gunman.

"I look over on my side, they were just standing there knocking on my window," he said.

Daniel gave up his phone and his wallet but if they were going to take his car he asked if he could at
least get the groceries the young couple had just purchased, the stroller and car seat too.

The carjackers agreed to all of it before forcing Daniel to start his 16-year-old Tahoe for them.

"He still couldn’t start the car," he said. "You had to have the key a certain way so I had to lean over him, at gun point to start the car for him."

And with that, the suspects were off.

Mother, father, baby, and groceries accounted for, even the officer who responded found it hard to

"We have seen incidents where a small child is left inside the car when the car is stolen,” said Baltimore County Cpl. Shawn Vinson, “Luckily in this case the suspects did allow the parents to get the child out of the car. "

More so because of what happened next.

Baltimore County Police was able to track the suspects who got to Parkville before hitting another
vehicle and then fleeing on foot.

One suspect is still in the hospital but police have arrested and charged 20-year-old Marquis Mitchell with armed robbery and carjacking.

The couple's car is totalled now leaving them in a bit of a financial pinch but they said they are far more grateful for at least the ounce of compassion, these carjackers did show.

"Grateful knowing it could have been a lot worse," she said. "They could have shot me, they could have just taken off with him. They could have hurt Dan and just let me go having feel hurt with the baby. It could have turned out a lot worse."