Gas pump charges Florida woman's credit card almost $10,000

Posted at 10:22 PM, Sep 28, 2016

A Florida couple was charged nearly $10,000 for about $20 worth of gas.

Susan Gower said her husband stopped at the Valero gas station in North Fort Myers like he's done many times before. "He filled his car up, maybe $20 worth or something like that. He used his credit card," Gower said.

They tried to use their card the next day, but were over their credit limit. Gower checked her account, and saw it was charged $9,949.36 from the Valero gas station.

"It was just shocking," Gower said.

After looking at the receipt, she saw the pump charged her for more than 27,000 gallons of gas.

Gower immediately went to the bank and canceled her card. "The bank just said 'Get with Valero, have them reverse the charges.' Very simple," Gower said.

She said the manager told her it wasn't possible. Two weeks later, after getting Valero customer service involved, Gower's account was credited back the money. She was relieved, but frustrated with the owner of that station's lack of customer service.

"It stemmed from the glitch in his gas pump. He just wouldn't ever own up to the fact that he was wrong," Gower said.

While her account was frozen Gower was unable to use her Visa points to rent two cars, and had to pay out of pocket. She was hoping the owner of the North Fort Myers Valero would pay back that money for all of the hassle she's been through, but hasn't been able to reach him — only his secretary.

WFTX reporter Lisa Greenberg reached out asking for more information, and what the gas station was doing to help, but the man who answered hung up on her after asking her: "What should I do? Stand on my head in the middle of the street and apologize?"

"I'm a teacher, and 10-year-olds know they need to own up to their mistakes, and try to make it right and apologize. That's what makes me mad," Gower said.