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Las Vegas teacher creates 'giving closet' to help students in need

Posted at 11:10 AM, Dec 12, 2019

LAS VEGAS -- No child should go to school hungry, but that's the reality for many students. That's why a teacher at a Las Vegas elementary school started a "giving closet" to provide snacks and necessities, so students can focus on learning.

For some of Kristan Nigro's students at Steve Schorr Elementary School, lunch is their last meal of the day. A year ago, she used an empty closet space and filled it up with goods.

"When I first started it was just me," said Nigro. "I was buying things just because I wanted to provide for these students. Just one less thing for them to worry about."

She saw herself in those kids whose families are going through a tough time.

"I remember struggling and seeing that need in my family and the stress that my parents went through," said Nigro. "It was kind of interesting to be in a position to be you know what, I went through that and the community supported us during that time. So if I could just help even the kids that we have at Schorr Elementary what a big difference that will be."

Since it started, Nigro's "giving closet" has grown. She's received donations and grants.

It's not only her class, but the entire school and even parents can come over and take snacks, water, underwear, socks, deodorant and laundry detergent.

Nigro also puts together backpacks with goodies if students need privacy.

"It's nice to know that there's resources in place that can help them make it through the day or the rest of the school year," said Nigro.

She hopes the idea of creating "giving closets" in schools catches on.

"We teach kindness in schools all over and this is a good way to prove it."

If you are interested in donating, you can drop off your items at Steve Schorr Elementary School at 11420 Placid Street. You can also donate online via GoFundMe or via Donors Choose .

This story was originally published by Nina Porciuncula at KTNV.