Woman files lawsuit after receiving more than 1,800 robo calls for a bill she was paying

Robo dialing case could be worth big money
Posted at 5:56 PM, Oct 24, 2017

The woman Tonya Stevens called mom fell ill in 2015. Soon after hospice care moved in. Stevens says a robo dialer's incessant phone calls often came during visits with her grandmother.

The calls were coming from Conn's, a Texas based appliance retailer where Stevens purchased items for her home.

Stevens says she made monthly payments and was only two weeks behind. She even had one check where you could see where she wrote in the memo line, “quit calling!”

According to the suit filed by Stevens’ attorney Billy Howard, Conn's called her day after day as many as 11 times a day for 14 months.

In one recorded call Stevens explains her grandmother is on her death bed and to stop calling.

The case accuses Conn’s of dialing her cell phone over 1,800. Federal law makes it illegal for robo dialers to continue to ring your cell phone once you ask them to stop.

Conn's did not grant us an interview but said in an email:

"We dispute the assertions in Ms. Stevens' complaint but, due to the pending litigation, we cannot discuss the specific details of her credit account."

The case is now heading to trial.

If you or anyone you know gets slammed by robo dialers you can report it to the Federal Trade Commission at