Neighbors witness 2 people shooting at geese

Posted at 4:36 PM, Mar 01, 2016

People living in a Flat Rock neighborhood are on high alert after witnessing two people allegedly shooting at geese in a pond.

Folks in Bradbury Park say two young men were seen driving around a pond and shooting at geese in the water with a rapid firing gun.

Luckily, the shooters missed, but now neighbors like Philip Sparagowski want to make sure they don't do that again.

"I don't even know what I would call it, despicable. Animal cruelty is something that should be taken very seriously."

Sparagowski said the folks in Bradbury Park look after their own, even their feathered friends.

Philip says a neighbor took photos after witnessing two men driving around the pond and shooting at geese. 

It happened Monday around five in the evening.

Witnesses say they could have been using a pellet, paintball or BB gun.

All of those could pose a safety issue - not just for birds.

"There is a lot of kids in the neighborhood, I have a couple myself."

Neighbors are on high alert.

Sparagowski has a message to the shooters. "Stay out of the neighborhood. Brabury is watching."

Neighbors are considering filing a police report.

The Flat Rock police chief says the shooter could face animal cruelty charges.