Oakland County Sheriff's K-9 unit wheel falls off while driving, lug nuts may have been loosened

Posted at 8:21 PM, Jul 28, 2016

Imagine the surprise an Oakland County Sherff's Deputy had when the wheel of the vehicle went missing during a patrol in metro Detroit.

Investigators believe the vehicle was tampered with and the wheels intentionally loosened by a unidentified saboteur. 

The wheel fell off while the unit was driving on Dixie Highway in Waterford a little after 1:00 pm on July 27. The deputy wasn't injured.

Deputies had left their vehicles unattended for about an hour while in training that day. 

"It was later discovered that the lug nuts had all been loosened," said The Oakland County Sheriff's office in a statement. "The other two canine deputies then discovered that they had partially loosened lug nuts." 

All of the Sheriff departments vehicles have since been taken to the Central Garage and examined.