Owners of record-breaking cats lost in fire talk about grief, raising funds

Posted: 4:07 PM, Mar 14, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-14 22:00:38Z
Owners of record-breaking cats talk about grief
Owners of record-breaking cats talk about grief

Back in November, two world record-breaking cats died in a house fire in Farmington Hills that was a total loss.

The owners are still grieving, but now they're experiencing another obstacle.

Will and Lauren Powers talked with 7 Action News exclusively on how difficult it's been to raise money for organizations they support without Cygnus and Arcturus.

"They were my kids. They made me so happy," explained. "We lost all three of our cats and every possession I've ever owned in my entire life."

Cygnus held the World Record for the longest tail, while Arcturus was the world's tallest domestic cat.

Lauren said, "It was really difficult to find a way to navigate what to do next."

They tell us a massage chair started fire.

Will ran through the burning house trying to find the cats but couldn't save them.

He cried, "I was inches from them. I just missed them."


After the fire, many wanted to help the Powers but they asked the public to donate to the Ferndale Cat Shelter, an organization they've supported for years.

That effort raised about $20,000 and that money went into the Catfe Lounge renovations.

Will is the president of the shelter and would bring Arcturus and Cygnus to events to raise funds.

"He (Arcturus) was the big draw. We had no problem selling tickets."

The shelter is hosting their annual Cat Cabaret event this Sunday, but the usually sold-out event is struggling to sell tickets.

"The only thing that's not there this year is a big 30 pound cat and I really wish he was. I wish more than anything he was there to greet people but he's just not, but I don't want people to miss out on our event because we don't have our big cat there this year," Will said.

Now, Will and Lauren are looking for the public's support again to help the cats at the shelter.

Will explained, "If you're a cat person, you get it. If you're not, you just don't. You don't know why I'm crying right now. This guy is crazy. If you are a cat person you get it. I do this so other people can feel this love."

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