Detroit 2020 Persons of the Week: Two men strive to change their community

Posted at 10:59 PM, Oct 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-20 22:59:35-04

OUr Detroit 2020 Persons of the Week are a couple of guys who inspired us when we met them at our Oakland County Town Hall. 

“We gather dollars, we gather men and woman that have talent. We fix roofs, we patch walls, we put in handicap ramps,” said Domenic Morelli when he attended our Detroit 2020 Town Hall.

Domenic Morelli and Reverend Samuel Spruill’s vision for change and the action they are taking to make it happen, will give you a new perspective on the change you can make in your community.

“I am so excited that these men have decided to come in and help us to beautify the place,” said Pastor Calvin Glass.

He has been a part of Lord of the Lords Church on Detroit’s East Side for over 30 years. As the neighborhood declined, the needs became greater and the funds become smaller, the church needed help.

Domenic Morelli is a member of Faithworks, a non-profit in Oakland County. Sam Sprulli run’s the non-profit HOPE-- an acronym for Helping Operations for People Empowerment. These two men have become friends by merging the urban community with the suburbs.

“It's about the same vision, the same heart for people and we want to work together,” said Pastor Samuel Spruill.

“If it wasn't for Pastor Sam and Domenic, the other leaders that have helped us through collaboration and to work together, we wouldn't have this day, I am so grateful, for what these men are doing, they're learning a trade as well,” said Pastor Glass.

Morelli and Reverend Sam didn’t do this alone. They have built strong relationships in the community with the support of tradesmen, mentors and pastors.

Our goal here is to bless the church by doing some repairs on the church, at the same time, going through this roof training experience and the opportunities to gain employment for jobs in the future.

They work with local men and women that have lost their way and need some guidance. They work as one community.

“Our hearts are in the same place, different culture, different backgrounds but God brings us together because we have the same heart for the ministries, said Reverend Spruill.

“Changes that we see with people that we connect with is building relationships. It's how do you feel after you build relationships with someone, you build trust, you build friendship, you build brotherhood,” Morelli added.

The difference they are making in our community and with each and every person they work is why, Reverend Sam Spruill and Domenic Morelli are, our Persons of the Week.

Both organization are always in need of volunteers and funding help.