Plane slides off runway at Detroit Metro Airport during snowstorm

Posted at 1:37 PM, Dec 11, 2016

A plane slid off of the runway at Detroit Metro Airport this afternoon, according to emergency responders at the airport.

Delta officials say it was Delta Flight 724 arriving from Buffalo.

We're told the plane landed, but slid on a turn as it was making its way to the taxiway and ended up in the grass.


Scott Erikson was a passenger on the plane. He told 7 Action News he did not know what happened until the plane came to a stop.

“We landed right toward the end as we were starting to slow down, we drifted a little bit.  I just kind of thought we were turning onto the taxiway,” said Scott.  "I knew something was wrong when we made it on the the grass. Just a lot of bumps, vibrations, and I looked out and sure enough, we were on the grass. I turned to the guy next to me and said I don’t think we are on the taxiway."

According to Scott, the crew members put many passengers at ease.

“They did a good job of keeping everyone calm and got us all off the plane in an orderly fashion. People on the ground were awesome too helping you off the plane, on the bus, off the bus, telling you where to go," he says. "So they did a good job.”

The Wayne County Airport Authority released this statement:

The Airport Authority and Delta Air Lines worked together to safely deplane the passengers and transport them to the terminal. Delta Air Lines is assisting any passengers impacted by the incident.

According to Delta Airlines, there were 65 passengers and five crew members on board. No injuries were reported.

The airport authority is investigating the incident.