Play-Place in Sterling Heights a fun, educational, judgment free place for autistic children

Posted at 5:53 PM, Sep 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-09 17:54:00-04

It's a fun-filled, educational and judgment free place for families with autistic children.

It's called Play-Place in Sterling Heights.

"It's a God send, it's truly a God send," said Rebecca Schneider.

Her eight-year-old son Brendan was diagnosed with autism five years ago.

Learning how to talk and socialize had been a challenge for him.

"We were literally locked in our home for two years because we could not take Brendan out. He would have meltdowns, which would cause anxiety in us and in our other children and they looks and the stares and the comments you get from some people."

All that pressure and anxiety is left at the door when families enter Play-Place in Sterling Heights.

It is a non-profit organization helping autistic children learn, play and socialize in a judgment-free, safe zone.

There are many fun things to do here!

Shell Jones is the executive director of Play-Place.

"We have a Lego castle for fine motor skills, socialization, creativity, imagination and it's just fun," Jones said. "We also have a bistro where the kids can come experience the restaurant feel."

There is even a room where kids can get free haircuts.

"The kids have a hard time going through the whole haircut process and this being kid of disguised by play helps them to get through that," Jones said.

Ninety-percent of Play-Place was built with donations and volunteers.

Electrical workers offered materials and man-power to get this place up and running.

Tom Mittlebrun of NECA of Southeast Michigan said, "We want to help the best we can and help these people have a very happy and fruitful life."

Play-Place can also be helpful for parents!

"There is not anything like this anywhere around and so I haven't really had that opportunity to meet other families or to sit with and talk with other moms," Rebecca said.

Although Play place is a non-profit, there is a fee to get in, but for families the experience is priceless.