Police: Alleged Livonia home invasion was actually a 'drug deal gone bad'

Posted at 10:41 AM, Feb 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-23 22:42:34-05

LIVONIA, Mch. (WXYZ) — A home invasion reported in December 2019 was actually a drug deal gone wrong, according to Livonia police. The man who reported the home invasion shot the alleged intruder. Now police say the resident was actually trying to purchase crack cocaine from the man he shot.

The initial incident happened Dec. 18, 2019 in the 29000 block of Joy Road in Inkster. After further investigation, detectives uncovered that Joseph George, who reported the home invasion, was a customer of one of the "intruders," Rachaan Yharbrough.

George allegedly invited Yharborough to his home to buy narcotics, police say. However, during the attempted drug deal, the sale went awry because of a price dispute. Things turned violent. Yharborough assaulted George, which resulted in George producing a handgun and shooting Yharborough in the stomach, police say. Yharborough sustained non-fatal injuries.

Livonia police have charged George with filing a false police report. During his arrest, police say they found him in possession of what's believed to be cocaine and other narcotic paraphernalia.

Yharbrough was on parole when the incident occurred and has been charged with several parole violations. He's now in police custody at the Michigan Department of Correction for two years.

George will have a hearing on Feb. 25.