Police departments around the US working to find officers amid nationwide shortage

Posted at 6:24 PM, Oct 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-01 22:20:09-04

There is a nationwide battle for police officers and right now local officers are the target.  The Seattle Police Department is working to recruit officers with a billboard in Detroit. 

It comes after several reports about Detroit Police struggling to keep officers. The department lost more than 100 officers this year.  

Currently, Detroit Police officers are paid a starting salary of just under $18/hour.

“You can expect to make in the range of $74,000 - $75,000 starting,” said  Det. Patrick Michaud, Seattle Police Public Affairs Officer of the wages in his department. 

Michaud with the Seattle Police Department says they aren’t just working to recruit from Detroit but from the suburbs.

The department has dozens of openings and expects more as officers retire.  It also has billboards up in Chicago and Indianapolis. 

“We are keeping our options open. We aren’t just hiring in Detroit or Chicago. We are trying to hire the best candidates that we can,” said Michaud. 

“It is a tough job and we are under scrutiny like we have never done before,” said Sgt. Baron Brown, of the Ferndale Police Department. 

Brown says the booming economy and police scandals around the country have impacted the profession over the last decade. 

“In the past, we would have 700 people take the test for a position. Now we can have multiple positions and get 20 applicants,” said Brown. 

The demand for officers has resulted in opportunities.  Ferndale Police are also hiring and offering up to a $3,000 signing bonus. 

“The things we get to do are fulfilling and you get to help your community,” said Brown of the profession. 

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