Police: Stick to legal days, times for lighting fireworks

10 firework safety tips for July 4th
Posted at 9:44 PM, Jun 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-23 22:25:29-04

(WXYZ) — If you’ve been hearing fireworks at night, you’re not alone. Police say it appears Fourth of July celebrations have started early this year.

Police are now speaking out and are urging people to stick to legal days and times to light fireworks.

We all enjoy fireworks but when they continuously go off every night, it can become a serious issue especially for our veterans.

“I beg them to please be considerate to veterans,” said Navy Veteran Victor Stoddard.

They’re loud and going off at all hours of the night. It’s a terrifying sound for veterans like Victor who battles with PTSD.

“I watch tv and once they go off then my tremors get out of control and it takes me an hour or so to calm myself down,” he said.

Ferndale police say fireworks have started early this year and they’ve received a lot of complaints.

“Some people really suffer through barrage after barrage of fireworks and there are a group of people who really don’t care. It doesn’t bother them that they are causing their neighbors a real sense of suffering and stress,” said Sgt. Baron Brown, with Ferndale police.

It’s not only Ferndale but also neighboring cities. In Romulus, Center line and Warren.

One person posted on Facebook to the warren and center line Michigan residents group saying, “I just spent the last 40 minutes bedside to a 2 year old trying to get him to go to sleep. What is going on with all the fireworks still at this hour”

Another posting on the canton public safety Facebook page saying, “why 5 days of fireworks? Also, so late during the work week. So ridiculous”

For victor his request is simply and easy.

“We fought for their freedom that they can do stuff. I’m not trying to deprive them of enjoying life. But, you know I’d like to enjoy my old age. I’d like to live in peace,” he said.

Police say if you are caught breaking your community firework ordinance, you can face a fine of 1-thousand dollars