Racist graffiti found on garages, vehicles in Royal Oak

Posted at 11:40 AM, Sep 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-18 18:47:30-04

A neighborhood is on edge after swastikas and the words "white power" were spray painted in red on several homes in Royal Oak.

It's believed that seven homes were targeted in the early morning hours Sunday on Park Avenue, Woodcrest Drive and Farnham Avenue.

Neighbors, like Barb Androkites, say this hateful message is not welcomed.

"Really cowardly if you have to do this stealthy at night," she said. "Come out and show us who you are."

Androkites has lived in this neighborhood for 18 years. "Very peace loving, very cohesive, neighbors are very friendly."

She never thought her street would be targeted by hateful vandals spray painting swastikas and the words "white power."

She added, "Very, very disturbing for a neighborhood like this."

Seven homes were targeted early Sunday morning. "We are all just so upset. It's very, very unnerving." The vandalism was discovered at sun up.

By Monday afternoon, many spots had been painted over or covered up. One fence targeted was just put up a couple of days ago.

"They didn't vandalize one person, they vandalized all of us," said Brandon Kolo, who is a community activist and is a member of a group called Together For One Royal Oak. "Immediately, you're sad, you're angry, and you think 'not in my community.'"

When he heard what happened, he offered on Facebook to power-wash the graffiti.

"When stuff like this happens we measure communities based on hate but we judge them based on their response."

Folks in Royal Oak say they will standup to hate.

The neighborhood is filled with little flags that say "Hate has no home here in Royal Oak."

The neighbor that lives across the street from Androkites used an American flag to cover up the spray paint on his garage, something she says is symbolic. "That we are all Americans," she said.

Together For One Royal Oak is working on holding some sort of event in response to what happened.