Commerce Township supervisor concerned after thieves steal LED lights around pedestrian bridge

Posted at 8:54 PM, Nov 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-26 22:25:07-05

COMMERCE TWP., Mich. (WXYZ) — Commerce Township Supervisor David Scott took to Facebook to ask for the public's help in identifying who stole light fixtures from the pedestrian bridge over M-5.

MDOT installed the fixtures on the wooden bridge on South Commerce Road.

In total, three large LED lights were taken. They’re used to light up the pedestrian bridge from dusk until dawn and the township supervisor says he doesn’t know why someone would take these lights especially near a dangerously busy street.

"They clearly have been dismantled and removed," Scott said. "Two lights on the west side of M-5 and one of the two lights on the east side have been mechanically removed."

Scott says the bridge goes across M-5 and is part of a long walking, bike and hiking trail. At night, the LED lights illuminate the bridge for drivers to see.

"Our planning director David Campbell went there to program the bridge lighting for the upcoming holidays so we could have the festive and decorative lighting, and that’s when we discovered them missing," Scott said.

He added that he doesn’t know why someone would want to take the lights, but he can only speculate.

"There either has to be a resale value to them, a scrap value to them or it’s simply someone needs to outfit their outdoor basketball court," Scott said.

He says law enforcement will keep a close eye on the bridge and look for those responsible for taking the property.

"I believe it would be a foolish thing to do and I would think that they have sadly discovered these are not usable and I think this is probably just a ridiculous dare that went wrong in some way shape or form," he said.

He added in the Facebook post that the wooden bridge had been damaged by people driving golf carts, ATVs and snowmobiles on the walking path.

If you have information on this incident, contact the Oakland County Sheriff's Office at 248-858-4950.