6 Detroit police officers being investigated for misconduct

Posted at 6:56 PM, Nov 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-01 18:56:02-04

Six Detroit police officers are being investigated after allegedly violating policy. According to the department, six officers responded to an attempted burglary call Saturday afternoon. 

Antoine Nalls says he was one of the men there when they arrived to a house on Ohio Street. 

Nails' and four other men work for Areli, a company that renovates and cleans homes. 

Police ran their names in the system and said nothing came up. They claim police told them to run or they would go to jail. 

Assistant Chief Arnold Williams’ says the men were not able to provide information to prove who they were, and were not in uniform. 

Nalls' says he tried showing their paperwork to be there and was told he could not get it from the car. 

“He started telling people to run. He called one boy 'noodle boy' and said he got 30 seconds to get out of here and made him run,” Nalls’ explained. 

Williams’ admits that an officer violated policy by making them run when their records came back clean. 

The office of chief investigator within the police commission is leading the investigation. 

“It was a mistake in judgment. It was an exercise in poor judgment to have each one of these individuals run,” Willams’ says. 

Officers involved are still on the street until the investigation is complete.