More problems reported with Monroe auto shop

Posted at 5:39 PM, May 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-24 17:39:49-04

We are taking a closer look at one business in Monroe where several people have complained that their cars have been there way too long.

We first talked with a paraplegic mom two weeks ago. She told us her car has been in the shop for three-months.

After our story aired, another customer called us with a similar story.

Both customers say their cars have been in the shop for more than three months – putting a big strain on their lives.

The father we talked with today says he had to buy another car to get around.

Thomas Williams says his car has been in the shop for nearly five-months!

He says he took his 2003 Grand Marquis to Kaotic Customs on Front Street in Monroe because it had a leak. He says he gave the owner $200 in advance and has been getting the runaround ever since.

We went to the shop today. It was closed. But a man eventually came out, saying he only rents space there for mechanic work and doesn’t know where the owner is.

A few weeks ago we heard from Jill Caruso, a paraplegic mother who took her Jeep to the same shop to get it customized for her wheelchair three-months ago - even paying $3,000 upfront.

We did get a hold of the owner then, He promised to have her Jeep back within a few days. But, on this day, Jill is still struggling without it, barely able to get to work and get her kids to school.

After hearing both of their stories, we had to go to the city of Monroe to see what they knew about Kaotic Customs. They tell us the business has had several code violations dating back to 2009 for things like unlicensed vehicles there, failed fire inspections, an illegal paint booth and for doing major mechanic work.

Turns out they are only allowed to do minor jobs. The city says they have been trying to get them to comply with zoning and city ordinances for years.

Right now both Thomas and Jill still do not have their cars.

We tried calling the owner to get to the bottom of all of this. His cell-phone is now disconnected.

We did however talk with police. They tell us because it's a civil matter, there isn't much they could do. But, they recommend both customers talk with an attorney at this point.

Of course, we will stay on top of this one and bring you any updates.