More work needed on deal to save DPS

Posted at 7:01 PM, May 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-19 19:01:53-04

The stakes are high and a plan to keep the Detroit Public Schools afloat is still facing major opposition: the Republicans in the state house.

Their leader is doubling-down over money and control.

Lawmakers have a long way to go - $200-million - and not a lot of time, before a long summer break.

The main stumbling block is the Detroit Education Commission.

The education commission would have oversight of DPS schools as well as charter schools operating in the city.

DPS enrollment has dropped by nearly 100,000 in the last decade. Charter schools now have greater enrollment.

The speaker supports a free market for parents to choose.

Lobbying has been intense inside the capitol.  House Republicans are skipping the Mackinac Island conference to keep working here - some say to avoid intense pressure about DPS.

The house has passed a plan for $500 million for Detroit schools.

The senate with support of the Governor, the state treasurer and Detroit coalitions passed a plan for $ 700 million to keep DPS out of debt into the fall.

The speaker says he doesn’t buy it, yet.

The legislature has only 9 to 12 days left before the summer break. Back room meetings continue, along with the pressure.