DPS shows off repairs made to school over

Posted at 6:57 PM, Jan 07, 2016

A parent and school board member asked 7 Action News to expose conditions at a school where many disabled kids attend everyday.

The goal?  Fixing their school. The district responded to our story.

On Thursday, 7 Action News got a tour of Henderson Academy.  It one of the schools many kids with special needs started going to, after the Detroit Public School district closed Oakman Orthopedic just over two years ago.

Alfred Wright, the dad of a 12-year-old with cerebral palsy said it was a disappointment. He and school board member Tawanna Simpson showed us  broken handrails in the halls, missing tiles, and a roof leaking for years,

"I am very concerned,” said Tawanna Simpson.

We took her concerns public. The district promised all would be fixed over holiday break. It kept its promise,

“I am appreciative for the parents and students here in Henderson that the emergency manager honored his word,” said Simpson. “I hope this will be a new beginning.”

Board members who came with us to see the repairs have two motivations for speaking. Not only did they want the problems fixed, but they also want the school board to have power again, something it doesn't have under emergency management.

“There is no governance structure in place to address these problems,” said Elena Herrada, another school board member.

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