Detroit senior apartment building has broken elevator, no A/C

Posted at 9:49 PM, Sep 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-22 05:18:38-04

Dozens of seniors have been locked out of their units because they say the elevator hasn't been working.

Many of those residents are wheelchair-bound and can't take the stairs.

One man we spoke with says he's been trying to get to his mother on the third floor - and not only was the elevator not working, the doors to the stairs were locked.

They say this is becoming too common and they want some answers.

Terrance Carter says his mother lives at the Lexington Senior Residence on Pallister. She’s in a wheelchair.

Carter says he’s been at the facility for hours and he hasn’t been able to get to her unit because the elevators were down and the doors to the stairs were locked creating a dangerous situation for residents.  

Carter says not only do the elevators go out far too often, he says during these very hot past few days the central ac system went out.

Carter says most residents are in wheelchairs and dozens haven’t been able to get to their units for the past several hours - like timothy chambers.

“I been here for 15 years and it’s a damn shame I have to live like this,” says Chambers.

Carter says he drove from Warren to see his mother in hopes of seeing her after a recent hospital visit due to high blood pressure and in hopes it would be a nice place for her to stay.

So far he says it hasn’t been so nice.

“I basically put her here thinking this was a cool and safe place for her to be,” he says. “Maybe I made the wrong choice.”

We reached out to management several times to get their side. We were told they were unavailable for comment, but they were informed about the issues.

We're also told the elevator is now working.