Detroit to unveil new plan to combat street flooding in city

Posted at 5:43 AM, Aug 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-22 07:05:51-04

The city of Detroit is expected to unveil a new plan that will hope to combat street flooding that happens across the city when heavy rains hit the area.

Last week, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said at a citywide community meeting that the department will begin inspecting 30,000 catch basins as part of his 10-point neighborhood plan.

DWSD Deputy Director and Chief Engineer Palencia Mobley is expected to announce details of the new program.

In 2010, the city ended routine cleaning and inspection of catch basins, which play a big factor in the flooding during heavy rainfall events. They move stormwater off of the streets and into the combined sewer systems.

Now, the city has purchased new Vactor trucks and will hire new employees. The trucks use a vacuum and high-pressure water to remove debris from pipes, basins and other areas.