Family dog reunited with owners after a break-in at Detroit home

Posted at 10:13 PM, Nov 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-25 22:13:35-05

It was a happy reunion for a Detroit family on Friday, after their dog went missing.

Radar the dog was nowhere to be found on Tuesday after someone broke into Corinne Reiss’s home on Beaverland Rd. on Detroit’s west side.

She said she and her fiance came home to find the door wide open and the TVs, tablets and electronics missing on Tuesday.

The family’s other dog was found by a neighbor, wandering the street, but their dog Radar was gone.

"I've been up for days I have not slept,” said Reiss.

She called the Detroit Pit Crew, a pitbull rescue group and 7 Action News to help track down her dog.

Friday, after days of searching, she spotted him just a few streets down.

"There he was, chained up on the front porch,” said Reiss.

She was concerned about approaching the home, since Radar did go missing after a break-in,

She called Detroit Police, they approached the house and were able to bring Radar back home.

The family’s missing electronics have not been recovered and the break-in is still being investigated, but Reiss said the stuff doesn’t matter.

“That can be replaced this is family, I don't care take the TVs, take whatever you want, but that's our family and I got what I wanted back,” said Reiss