Former Denby student works to make his dream for a new park in Detroit come true

Posted at 6:02 PM, Jun 13, 2016

For many students their dreams are to grow up and leave the blight and crime ridden neighborhoods in Detroit.

For one student, Hakeem Weatherspoon, his dream is to transform his neighborhood and the hundreds of lives who live here.

His dream begins with a park. Weatherspoon was a senior in high school when he decided to design the new park.

His plan began inside the halls of Denby High School three years again.

His dream is more than just a new green space. The Denby neighborhood, like so many others on Detroit's east side, is faced with poverty and problems.

The Detroit group, Life Remodeled heard Weatherspoon's passion and made an investment. The transformation begins at Skinner Park, but expands to hundreds of homes.

Weatherspoon’s high school dreams of a safer, cleaner community broke ground today. As new park space is built up, he hopes spirits will follow.