4 fake DEA agents arrested in pharmacy robbery

Posted at 5:29 PM, Jun 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-01 17:29:45-04

Police say four guys impersonating federal agents tried to rob a pharmacy, but were not very successful.

They're now locked up - and it's all because people in the community saw something and said something.

In exclusive video obtained by 7 Action News one-by-one the men, who are wearing DEA shirts, can be seen being cuffed and placed into cop cars.

Police say around noon today, four Detroit men walked into the pharmacy near Greenfield and 11 Mile - wearing the DEA shirts and masks partially covering their faces – and demanded employees go to the back of the business, while they gathered up medicine from inside.

All of it happened while a car with a municipal plate was parked out front.

Police say people in the area thought something was suspicious and called 911 - and within 3 minutes a slew of officers were on scene.

Police say it does not appear that they had any weapons, but at least one of the alleged DEA impersonators was wearing a bulletproof vest. You can see it on the cell-phone video.

This investigation is far from over. What we do know is no one was hurt.

I did talk with the DEA. They tell me agents do not wear masks and if they were raiding or inspecting a place, they would have had a search warrant or some sort of court order.

Right now, the four men are facing several charges - including robbery and impersonating a federal agent.