Kwame Kilpatrick takes to Facebook to declare his innocence and blast federal justice system

Posted at 9:13 PM, Jul 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-06 21:13:57-04

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has taken to Facebook to expresses his innocence and blast "the Local Media, State Authorities, Prosecutor Worthy, and Detroit Police" for fabricating and planting "plant news stories about Money, Strippers, Trips, Vacations, Partying, and the like, in order to further drive a wedge of mistrust amongst the electorate and citizens of Detroit and Kwame Kilpatrick"

The post was made Tuesday on Kilpatrick's brother-in-law's Facebook page.

In it, Kilpatrick writes, "I AM NOT GUILTY OF ANY OF THE CRIMES THAT I WAS CONVICTED OF! NONE OF THEM!" before going on to write "Unfortunately, the campaign to kick out Mayors is a "Detroit Thing!" Young, Archer, Kilpatrick, Cockrell, Bing, were all hated, despised, and viciously assaulted at the end. The most beloved Mayor in the City's History, Mayor Young, died while being imprisoned by the circumstances of his own life, in a Downtown Detroit Apartment, unable to breath on his own, paranoid, unable to sleep in the apartment alone, and penniless. Certainly we gave him a great funeral. But unfortunately, there were very little applause, voices of gratitude, and flowers for him, while he was in his last days in that Riverfront Apartment. That's how we loved him! WE MUST STOP THIS! AND WE MUST STOP IT NOW!"

Kilpatrick ends the post by saying, "All of this has been building towards one great moment; Walking out of the front door, and pursuing purpose on the outside of these prison walls. There is strength in Unity! I truly thank you for whatever you are able to commit to doing, providing, and/or supporting me to continue this walk. May God be with you all!"

You can read the entire post below: