Local quadriplegic fights to walk again after facing death multiple times

Posted at 11:36 PM, Aug 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-19 23:36:08-04

Sergio McGee is 45-years-old. He has had fame and success. He has also dodged death multiple times. And when others see the impossible, he has seen the possible.

McGee was well known in the music industry as rapper Iroc, releasing three albums. He even had hits on local radio stations in the 2000s.

In August 2010 he had a new job at a local plant. It was only his second work day when he suddenly, mysteriously collapsed.

“Well to be honest, the hospital still don’t know to this day,” said Sergio. “I had a temperature of 107.5. I died in the ambulance.”

Sergio, then 39-years-old, was revived  and remained in a coma for three months. He told 7 Action News, every organ had shut down. He was on a feeding tube, and hooked up to 17 machines.

“They were only giving me a 2 percent chance to survive,” said Sergio. “Then if I did survive I would be brain dead and a vegetable.”

Sergio was no stranger to cheating death. In 1990 he was shot, hit by six bullets.

So he was not going to give up this time. In December 2010, Sergio opened his eyes.

He was taken to his first nursing home in February 2011 where he suffered neglect by the staff.

Sergio was then sent to the hospital for an infected bed sore and more.

“When I went to the hospital, the lady found it within a minute,” said Sergio. “I had a blood clot above the knee and that is why my leg swelled up.”

Doctors told him he almost died again.

He was eventually moved to Imperial Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Dearborn Heights in April 2011, but as a quadriplegic, hope was running out.

“For the first two months, I was like woe is me. I found myself questioning God.  Like why did I survive to live this way.” said Sergio. “I’m like, I have to do something to try to change my situation. So I tried to move once or twice an hour. After several months of doing that I was finally able to move a little bit. So I got so excited I was crying.”

It was enough of a sign to keep going. Within months, he was able to walk with help.

Sergio still has a long way to go and a lot of therapy.

For someone who has been told over and over what he can’t do, with the help of his guardian, Allene Gunter, Sergio has proven to everyone what he can do.

“I believe faith and determination because I have three kids and my daughter is about to be 21 at the end of this month and she may get married one day,” said Sergio. “I want to walk her down the isle.”

“I think he is here to do something wonderful, to share with us,” said Gunter. “A lot of people don’t understand what it’s like, you know, to not be able to do things for yourself.  They take everything for granted in life and I think he is a reminder of that.  Like… life is precious. Hug and love the people you can now.  Be the person you want to be now and don’t let anything stop you.”

Sergio told 7 Action News he plans to one day be a motivational speaker to encourage others that anything can be done.

He is putting the finishing touches on his autobiography and his church has set up a page to raise enough money to help him get his book published.

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