Man charged with MotorCity carjacking in court

Posted at 7:42 AM, Oct 05, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-05 07:42:04-04

Wayne Jones, the 49-year-old man accused of carjacking two women at the MotorCity Casino on September 16, will be in court today for his preliminary hearing. 

“He was employed, had a very good job, but unfortunately had a gambling addiction and based off that gambling addiction caused him to make a desperate act,” says Sgt. Jonathan Parnell.

Police say he forced the ladies into their PT Cruiser at gunpoint before ordering them out of the car and driving away. Police say it was a crime of opportunity.

“He was just in debt, says Parnell. “He came out on the losing end at the casino and made a desperate choice which was obviously to carjack someone.”

Jones may have been broke and desperate.  But he was also gainfully employed.

“He worked at US Steel,” says Parnell. “He made good money at US Steel.”

How much? Over $100,000 - That's right.  Jones is a six figure violent offender who threatened the lives of two elderly women for their car and $27.

Crime is not his forte.  He even returned to the scene of the crime with the victims' car so he could pick up his own.

Using surveillance video, Detroit police identified Jones and ended his short criminal career.