New digital school opening in Detroit for people to learn about media, graphic design, more

Posted at 4:31 PM, Sep 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-23 20:33:41-04

A new school in Detroit is getting ready to open. It's called the Detroit School for Digital Technology.

The building sits on 21st Street in Southwest Detroit.

This building was once a police station, but now it's a place for folks to learn more about media, graphic design, drones and other technology.

"This is the future of education. The 4-year degree is sort of becoming obsolete," said B.J. Hammerstein, the school director.

The Detroit School For Digital Technology is a place for professionals and job seekers to get a post-secondary education in a field that is growing at a rapid pace.

"To survive in today's world, people need to know these things."

The school building is the former 3rd precinct for the Detroit Police. There are 21 jail cells that have been converted into computer labs.

"Transforming a place that individuals were penalized and ultimately incarcerated into a place now they are going to get tools, the technology and the education to empower themselves."

The 7,640 hundred square-foot space will host classes and workshops in a variety of digital platforms.

You can take a couple of classes or sign up for year-long programs.

They have lessons on how to use the top of the line electronics, cameras and drones.

"Anyone who is interested in digital media, online platforms video, TV, film production, if you are designing your own business and you are just signing up and you want to work on your logos."

The school opens October 24.

Right now, they have 50-75 students expected to take classes

But they may hold workshops in the next couple of weeks.

For more information, go to
Phone: 313-263-4200