Online war of words erupts between Corktown bar owner, customers

Posted at 10:29 PM, May 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-05 20:04:16-04

A war of words this week quickly escalated between a Corktown bar owner and two customers. And it was all on display on social media.

Some words are hard to read, but they're the words of Randi Irwin's fed up husband, after he felt he was attacked by a husband and wife on their Red Corridor Bar Facebook page.

Randi Irwin, owner of the bar, tells 7 Action News they felt they needed to fire back after a terrible review of their bar Tuesday.

The bar is the owners' heart and soul, open about six months. And they thought this review was a slap in the face, the customer not agreeing with item names and writing all sorts of stuff like the food is awful, cheap, freezer food sold as fresh, and so on.

The back and forth continued with the bar responding, "As a customer we rate you zero stars."

The owner admits the bar is not for everyone, racy menu items like basic (expletive) salad and shots behind the bar labeled broke (expletive), but it's their bar, the way they want it.

The customer, who we talked to Thursday night, thought one of the final responses was "insane," the owner writing "As the owner, my advice is to (expletive) off and never come back (expletive). Go somewhere that likes (expletive)(expletive).

Irwin says if you have a problem with the bar or food, tell them so they can fix it, before you go blast them on social media.

The customer told us his basic "lame" review of 2 out of 5 stars should have ended there.

After seeing his response, he told us, "I was like damn, this dude has lost it. It's a good example of how to run your business into the ground."