Parents wonder about school safety after fight

Posted at 7:35 PM, Oct 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-01 19:35:24-04

After a violent day at a Detroit High School, parents and students are reacting – asking if enough is being done to protect kids from violence at school?

When I called to ask for an interview the school said ‘No, this isn’t a news story. Fights happen all the time.’

Student video shows the out of control fight inside Detroit’s East English Village Prep Academy - fists fly and a security guard is laid out on the ground.

One mom I spoke to has concerns.

She says the frightening thing is the video only shows the half of it.   As school let out, another fight broke out right in front of her daughter.

She says school security and police broke it up -using pepper spray. Her daughter came home from school with bruises. She told her mom she got them as kids stampeded away from the pepper spray and bumped into her.

School Board President Herman Davis is on a powerless board due to emergency management. He says it leaves administrators, who refused interviews with the media, unaccountable to the public.

While they wouldn’t provide an interview regarding the fight, the district did provide a written statement. It says no one was hurt, three kids were detained, and this was the first fight this school year at the school.

It also says the district has programs in place to prevent violence - which some parents and students have noticed.

The bottom line is, if kids were subject to fights and a stampede after police sprayed mace in the suburbs, no one would question if it were a story. 

We think it is also a story if it happens in Detroit. 

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