People living in unsafe Detroit apartment building will have to move as city steps in to investigate

Posted at 7:02 PM, Dec 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-28 23:22:01-05

Dozens living in deplorable conditions in an apartment building in northwest Detroit now have to relocate.

Walking into the Frederick Douglas Apartments last night, we couldn't believe what we saw:  no heat, very little - if any - water, broken doors, and water damage throughout.

So we took action and called the city, who sent inspectors to the building. They shut down the apartments.

Turns out the conditions were even worse than we realized.

Electricity was cut to building months ago. Power was being accessed illegally, a dangerous fire hazard in a building with several children.

All this is in a building that inspectors knew should not have been occupied.

That's because an inspection took place earlier this month.

So why didn't inspectors act then? That's what the director of building safety wants to find out.

"They would have noticed the conditions,” says Director of Building Safety David Bell. “They should have noticed the conditions. We are going to investigate, backtrack, find out what happened then. But right now are focus is on making sure these people get into safer living conditions then they are right now."

The people in the building will have the option of staying with family.

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries will help those who do not have a place to go.

DDOT will provide shuttles for people who do not have transportation.